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Logo design, website design, interface (GUI) design, icon design, more. Over 15 years of web presence and hundreds of satisfied clients. Take a look around, have fun, and thanks for stopping by.

About This Site

Some of the site animations are built with a modified assortment of CSS/jquery doo-dads and templates: vCard by pixelcloth at and Advanced Slider by bqworks at

All graphics on this site are my own, including the site design, and may not be used without permission. Exception are the desktop pics, which of course are available for download and are for your personal desktop use only.


  • Logo design
  • User Interface design (GUI)
  • Website design
  • 3D Rendering
  • Icon design
  • Album cover design
  • Book cover design
  • Illustration
trimtab"/> trimtab thumb"/>
Logo for TrimTab Solutions
instruments"/> instr. thumb"/>
Musical instrument illustrations for music instruction application
eastwest"/> eastwest thumb"/>
Digital mixer GUI for music application
zenph"/> sh thumb"/>
GUI design
g and d"/> gd thumb"/>
Logo design
web design"/> web design thumb"/>
Web design
arsenal"/> arsenal thumb"/>
GUI design for Arsenal DVD
growling machines"/> gm thumb"/>
Logo and CD design
subodh"/> subodh thumb"/>
Logo design
driver agent"/> da thumb"/>
Logo & icon design for DriverAgent software
white noise"/> white noise thumb"/>
Logo for rock band
eco"/> eco thumb"/>
Logo design
ce"/> ce thumb"/>
GUI design
jenkota"/> jenkota thumb"/>
Logo design for Jenkota
new horizon"/> new horizon thumb"/>
Logo design
entertainment tech"/> et thumb"/>
Logo design
macrovault"/> macrovault thumb"/>
Logo & icon design for Macrovault software
icons"/> icons thumb"/>
Icon design
web design"/> web2 thumb"/>
Web design
stiffy"/> stiffy thumb"/>
Logo for men's enhancement product

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